Thursday, 27 June 2013
The Heat Is On
We may have had a cooler and wet spring this year, but the last couple weeks has really brought us back to the reality of Kansas weather in which we can go from cool jacket weather to sweltering humid heat in less than a week.   This gives us Kansans quite a challenge, both for ourselves and our landscapes.
Many of my shrubs at home (and others around town) looked very pathetic the end of last year due to the excessive heat & dry weather, but this spring’s weather has seemed to bring them back with astounding growth as if last summer did not happen.   Some shrubs, however, remind us of last year with tip die-back or even branch die-back.   If your shrubs do have die-back the dead branches should be pruned out.   If the shrub does not look aesthetically pleasing once the pruning is performed than you would consider removing and replacing it.  It might also be tempting while you are pruning out the dead branches to prune back even more.  Depending on the type of plant and history of the plant I would say to proceed with caution  Even though many plants look great this spring, they still have the stress from last summer.  As many have heard me say, plants are like people in the same manner if a person becomes stressed they are prone to sickness as are plants.
Posted on 06/27/2013 9:39 AM by Steve Gray
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
Mowing Tips

There are a lot of important factors that go into mowing your lawn.  The importance of proper mowing can sometimes get overlooked.  This can lead to unnecessary stress to your lawn.  It seems pretty simple to just mow the lawn, when in fact there is a lot that goes into the process.  I will talk about three important factors to think about during the mowing season.  These factors are cutting height, frequency of cut, and blade sharpening.

The height at which you cut your lawn is important.  The most important thing to remember is to always cut the lawn higher during heat and dry periods.  If you cut the lawn high in the summer it will help shade the roots from the sun. This will also help the roots grow down farther into the ground, strengthening the turf.  On the flip side it is a good idea to cut the grass short in early spring.  This can help the lawn thicken up and make it nice and green.

A common mistake can be the frequency at which the lawn is cut. The general rule is to only cut off 1/3 of the blade of grass.  So in the spring when the lawn takes off it will need cut at least once a week.  It can be difficult to keep up especially with weather delays.  Adjusting your cutting height may be necessary.  During the summer your lawn may not need mowed as often depending on rain and temperature.  What we typically suggest is weekly in the spring, then weekly/as needed in the summer, and then back to weekly in the fall.

Make sure that your lawn mower blade is sharp throughout the season.  A dull blade can tear the blade of grass instead of cutting. This can add stress to your lawn.  The angle at which the blade is sharpened is just as important.  If you sharpen your own blades, look at the angle on a brand new blade.  This same angle needs to be kept throughout the life of the blade.  If the angle changes this can cause the blade to dull faster and create poor cut quality. 

There are a few tips that can hopefully make for a smooth mowing season. We can help make your summer even more relaxing.  Just give us a call and we will take care of the mowing for you.  One less thing to worry about this season!  If interested in a quote on mowing services contact Brett at 785-539-1799 ext 105.
Posted on 06/12/2013 10:54 AM by Brett Scott
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