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On Your Mark... Get Set... Psyche!! That's two for flinching!

Gee, it sure seems like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are the neighborhood bullies at times.  But then again maybe it’s their way of making sure we don’t become creatures of habit---potatoes planted on St. Patrick’s Day, Crabgrass preventer applied before April 15th, first day of spring on March 20th, Income Tax filed by April 15th……………Okay, so maybe the weather doesn’t change the last two.

When it comes to our landscape (or any aspect of our life for that matter) It’s important for us to pause, step back, understand what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.  We don’t want to just blindly perform our landscape tasks because that’s what we’ve done for the last 20 years.   What would happen if we pruned a non-irrigated tree/shrub extremely hard after the last couple of summers we’ve had?  And with all the snows we’ve had this winter, a little salt helps clear the sidewalk of ice so a lot of salt should do an even better job?  What about our grass and plants along those sidewalks?  Eager to turn on the irrigation system to water those spring Pansies that get planted by the calendar—What happens when the system comes on and it’s below freezing?   Plant those potatoes on St Patrick’s Day regardless of how wet the soil may be---what happens to the soil structure?

I’m not denying that I’m a creature of habit.  In fact my wife would say I’m a prime example of that creature.  Rather I’m just trying to mentally put a positive spin on the recent weather—Mother Nature wants us to think about what we are doing.  Though, I was grumbling pretty good with the snow we got earlier last week.

And for all of you that don’t like Kansas weather, there’s hope.  Just wait 10 minutes, it will change


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