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It’s time to blow the dust off your lawn mower. Get it out from the back corner of the garage.  Make sure you service them properly.  Dump out the old stale fuel and put in fresh fuel.  Take the blades off and sharpen them.  Change the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter and the fuel filter.  Now you are ready for the upcoming mowing season.

Now that your mower is ready to go, mow the lawn as soon as the weather allows.  Your lawn will green up faster by cutting off that top layer of brown grass.  This will allow the sun to reach the soil stimulating new green growth and helping to thicken up your lawn.  There has been pretty good moisture this winter but now we need to get the sun to the soil to get things kick started.  When you perform the first mowing lower the deck of your mower.  If possible, bag the clippings in order to remove all the brown grass.  Your lawn should green up quickly after this first mowing. 

Another option is to allow us to do the mowing for you!  Give Brett a call today for a quote on mowing services at 785-539-1799 ext 105.  Make your summer hassle free! We can fertilize it too! Ask us!

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