Monday, 10 September 2018
Spraying to control broadleaf weeds in the fall
As the weather turns in favor of fall we drift to memories of nights around a firepit and look forward to 
the beauty of the turning leaves. We also look forward to the jack-o-lanterns adorning your neighbor's 
porches and the cooler nights. Broadleaf weeds also enjoy the cooler nights. They germinate as the days 
shorten and turn into small, healthy plants we can easily overlook. 
Perennial weeds, like dandelions, start the overwintering process by transferring the carbohydrates 
from their leaves to the root system for storage during the winter. That is why we recommend a spray 
treatment for them in the fall, even though most homeowners won’t realize they are a problem until 
spring when they begin to grow more aggressively. Our treatment adds a liquid herbicide to be carried 
with those carbohydrates down into the roots to kill the plant now. A blanket spray application targets 
the real root of the problem, as it will kill the entire plant instead of just the leaves.
Winter annual weeds, like henbit, chickweed start the germination process in the fall. They emerge as 
small rosettes of foliage and will spend their winter that way. They begin growing again very early the 
next spring. We target the small rosettes while they are still young, getting rid of them before you even 
realize they are there.
The best time to win the broadleaf weed war in your lawn is now. From early September to late October 
these plants are secretly sneaking onto your lawn in wait for the warm days of rapid growth in the 
spring. An application of our broadleaf weed control plus fertilizer can help stop those pesky weeds 
now. And remember, your best line of defense against turf weeds is a strong, healthy stand of grass. Call 
us today and let us help you win the war.  
Posted on 09/10/2018 10:58 AM by Justin Weller
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Spraying to control broadleaf weeds in the fall

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