Irrigation Services

At Rothwell Landscape, Inc., we pride ourselves in not just what you see on the surface, but what is below ground as well.  Our customers can take comfort that we are not just installing a quality sprinkler system, but a system that is an efficient use of water.  A properly designed system will actually save you money and conserve our most precious resource, water, while still keeping your lawn and landscape looking beautiful and healthy. 

Our systems minimize overspray on adjacent concrete and other areas.  Our designer custom tailors the irrigation design for your lawn.  We take into consideration microclimates, sun vs. shade, slope, and type of plant material irrigated.   

We install both residential and commercial sprinkler systems, including sports fields using Rain Bird irrigation equipment.  We use only the highest quality parts.  Rothwell Landscape, Inc. has been recognized as a Rain Bird Select Contractor.  Rain Bird only recognizes a certain number of contractors in each state which it believes are using their products with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism.

Along with sprinkler system installation, we also offer full sprinkler service and repair.  This includes spring start up and adjustment, fall winterization and backflow testing.  We can also monitor your system throughout the season to make sure the right amount of water is being applied depending on the weather conditions.  We pride ourselves by having experienced, trained technicians who can quickly respond, diagnose and repair your sprinkler system.


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